Bathroom Storage Cabinets

Everyone wishes they had more space in their bathroom, and the way to get that extra space you desire is by finding the right size storage cabinet

A Place For Everything With Bathroom Storage Cabinets

Bathroom Storage Cabinets If you're a homeowner you probably already know this but in most average-sized bathrooms, space is at a premium! This means you should give special consideration to selecting the right kind of bathroom storage cabinets -- you want to get the maximum storage capacity, in a minimum of space.

If storage space is at a premium in your bathroom, then you'll appreciate the classic wooden armoire, made by home star. Retailing at just under $91, it is white in color, and is quite tall and narrow. This bathroom storage cabinet unit features three shelves inside of the cabinet and also has four additional drawers. Some assembly is required; the dimensions are 61" x 18" x 11.5".

To complement your white armoire, you can purchase a white bathroom cabinet from Stacks and Stacks. Priced at only $115 it features a wooden door that reveals a 2-shelf storage area. Its size is 37" x 23.5" x 11.5". This bathroom storage cabinet would be perfect for storing bathroom towels, cleaning supplies, toilet tissue etc.

If White is not your color, then perhaps you would prefer an ebony bathroom storage cabinet. Easy Top makes a beautiful, contemporary-style ebony wall cabinet for just under $80. It features glass cabinet doors, and a 3-shelf storage area. The glass doors mean you'll be able to see exactly what you have stored inside, without having to open the unit. Its dimensions are 27" x 26" x 8" -- and this bathroom storage cabinet would complement any contemporary decor theme.

When thinking of bathroom storage cabinets, don't forget medicine cabinets. Zenith makes a beveled tri-view medicine cabinet -- one source I consulted with is offering it for less than $95. This is a surface-mount cabinet with dimensions of 36" by 29 7/8" by 4.25". It has two adjustable shelves inside for convenient storage of medicines and personal grooming supplies.

An often unused area in many bathrooms is the wall space over top of the commode area. You can purchase bathroom storage cabinets which are designed to fit around and above your bathroom toilet to provide that necessary supplemental storage space. For example, visiondecor makes a nice-looking white would bathroom commode shelf currently priced at just under $175 it features shelves located behind a glass door on top, with two additional shelves underneath. These units are great ways to keep all your bathroom essentials handy -- items that are not used regularly can be kept behind the glass doors, while other items that you use more frequently can be kept on the exposed shelves.